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Industry Horror Stories

Not all tree care companies were created equal. Here's what some people had to say when their tree care experience went wrong.

“I’d give them a C for not showing up as promised and for coming out without the right equipment. Also, it took them a day to take the tree away, after they cut it down and put it on the street. That’s par for the course with these guys, apparently.”


“Everything was good about them, except our lawn was torn up by their work. The tree work was well done, but they dragged large pieces of the tree across the lawn and tore it up pretty badly. They tried to repair it minimally; it didn’t’ really do much good. In the wintertime, it is hard to repair a lawn; I’d give them a C”


“They didn’t do too great: they didn’t.
They came out and it was like their last job on a Friday, so they were trying to rush through it. I had them removing some trees from the side of the house, and they didn’t get all of them. Also, they were supposed to grind the stump, and the stump is still out there. They just didn’t do that good of a job. I’d give them a C-. They didn’t even complete the job. “


“I had quite a few trees removed, and I used (name withheld). I was not that excited with them. They made some big ruts in the yard and then just said, ‘well, that’s part of the deal…..’ The other thing they did is they took over the whole driveway, which is basically my access to the house. They left their equipment there all weekend. We had to basically climb through their equipment to get to the house. They never even said they were leaving or anything; just left. I called to fin d out what happened, and I got the answering machine. I’d give them a C, because they did the work, but could have done it in a different way, and they could have warned me ahead of time that they were leaving for the weekend and were leaving their stuff.”


“For getting trees removed I used (name withheld). They did badly. They were not equipped to take the wood away. That was the worst thing. It just piled upon the side of my house. I had to plead with them to take it away. It was a bad experience, and I will never use them again. They did the job, but it was not the whole job. They’re a D.”


“ They were hacks and they [mad me made]. They are the guys who drive around and put [stuff] on your mailbox. You know the kind of thing that says, ‘We’re working in your neighborhood today only…’ I had 19 trees taken down, good size trees. They were 100 or 150 year old trees. They gave me a price under $3000. That’s an outstanding price. But, you get what you pay for. They did the work, but I had to stay out there and be on them constantly. You see, I’m an OSHA inspector for construction workers. I know how to let a load down and how to lift things. That’s my job; that’s what I do for a living. I’m looking at these guys, and they’re going to hack this 50- ton tree down and just let it fall. I’m like, ‘You can’t do it like that; there is an underground pipe, and [who] knows what else underneath there. You have to take it down piece by piece.’ The guy said ‘No problem, sir.’ None of them spoke English. I went in to get a cup of coffee. I feel the whole house shake. I come out, and sure [enough], they did it. This didn’t happen once, but every time I would turn my back, they would do something like that. Then, they left the yard a mess. It was a bad experience. Actually, my neighbor is suing them, because they cut down a 200 year old magnolia tree without permission. They had tied ribbons around all the trees they were supposed to cut down, and there was no ribbon on the magnolia. Then, there was another tree they were planning to let fall in the front of my house. I said, ‘don’t you dare let that [blasted] tree fall.’ ‘Oh it’ll be ok, we know what we‘re doing’ ‘Yeah’ Well it just about cracked my driveway. So, they’re in litigation right now. I’d absolutely give them an F, absolutely. Blackball them.”



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