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The 2011 tree of the year was chosen by the Society Of Municipal Arborist (SMA). The goldenraintree was selected because of ability to be adaptable in harsh climates and very pleasing to the eye with its strong ornamental traits. The goldenraintree or Koelreuteria paniculata and is commonly called by Goldenraintree, Goldenrain tree, Panicled Goldenraintree, Pride of India, Varnish-Tree, Or China tree. It was named for Joseph Gottlieb Koelruter an 18th century botanist. According to rumored legend it was brought over by Thomas Jefferson, after obtaining seeds from a friend in France. At Monticello seeds are available from its descendant.

The Goldenraintree is often grown throughout the world as an ornamental tree in temperate conditions. Its beauty differs with the many varieties but mainly flowers, leaves, and seed pods that change colors as the growing season ends.Because of its fast growth it is a welcome beauty to parks and home owners. Bringing welcome shade and beauty to its environment. Its flowers can be very showy with large clusters or terminal panicles 12 to 15 inches long,  yellow with a red center and four petals. Blooming is in July and the falling of petals in the blowing wind resemble ‘golden rain’

On a negative note the tree can prove to become evasive and can easily escape cultivation and become naturalized in minimally managed areas. it can have the ability to crowd out native plants. Tree can suffer from twig kill in severe winters and suffer damage in stormy  weather being a bit weak wooded.

Oil Spills Effect on Trees

Author: Blake Linnekin

The oil spill is being called the largest enviornmental disaster in history.  The economic impacts are more than substantial, as well as impacts to wildlife.  As a certified arborist, I wanted to talk about some of the issues that trees are going to face.

As the oil washes onto shore, it will seep into the soil.  This can have long term effects on trees.  The change in soil will be soaked up into the root systems of the trees.  This can stunt the growth of the trees and depending on what else is going on with the tree, possibly kill it.  Most trees do not die from just one reason.  There are generally many contributing factors to why a tree dies.  The change in soil around the coastal areas will likely be a contributing factor to the death of many trees for years to come.  

Florida is most concerned about its already protected mangrove trees.  Key West, in particular, has already gained some compensation from BP to keep the mangroves protected.  They are not yet satisfied with the compensation, but it has been a start as there are countless claims against BP they are having to sort through.  They also have begun this cleanup on their own and residents state they are not at all satisfied with how BP has handled the disaster.

The leak is still going on, and the oil is still going to come to shore and likely cause future damage.  If you live in a community where you believe your trees could be affected, act now.  A small change may not seem like a lot, but the effects can take years to see in your trees.  Be preventative as much as possible because when the trees do die from the changes years from now, it will be too late.