I’m Blake, and I have been given the privilege of working as VP here at TreeService.com.   As a Certified Arborist myself  the job of talking to and working with the Top Professional Arborist in the Country is very rewarding.  The vision we had for TreeService.com to improve and enhance our industry’s Professional image with the customers is really starting to take shape.  We are dedicated to helping the Industries Top Professionals communicate their professionalism and knowledge, about the care of trees to potential clients.  We want tree care customer to have a good feeling about Tree Care and the Professionals who provide the service.   TreeService.com has been growing rapidly and doing much to help Arborist everywhere with the business end of being an Arborist.  As a service business  it all about people working with people and communication.    In every industry there are those contractors who want to make a fast dollar or are disorganization and don’t provide the best service possible.  This can really detract from our  industries image with clients.  There are many Professionals who operate very professionaly and offer customers a second opinion if needed.  This makes a very powerful statement about our industry and promotes the Professional nature of Tree Care.  Tree Care by nature has many very serious and complicated management issues to deal with such as safety.  It is often difficult for clients to understand the cost and value associated with hiring better companies that struggle to balance price, speed and quality.  We are working hard at TreeService.com to help you communicate the challenges you face in providing quality value and safety.  Customers are willing to pay more for quality and safe crew operations when it is communicated and demonstrated to them that we are operating as Professionals.  As Arborist it is our responsibility to demonstrate and communicate our Professionalism  to the customers everywhere. These customers are spending hard earned money to have Trees Cared for year after year and deserve quality and honesty.   I am a Certified Arborist and want the best for “our” Industry.  Our goal at TreeService.com is to provide everyone, both consumers and contractors alike, the best possible experience they can have.

It has been a busy period  and many contractors are becoming aware that the industry is changing.  Most consumers are trying to find the best value from a reputable company.  Whatever your needs, TreeService.com will do its best for you.

You can expect to start to hear from me on a regular basis.  Give me your feedback.  Let me know what you think and what you would like to hear more about.  If you are a potential customer looking for tree tips or a Pro this is the place to find it all out!

I look forward to getting to know everyone our contractors on a personal level and providing everyone with some useful information they can take home with them.



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6 Responses to “Welcome to my Monthly Blog! Blake Talk”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Hello Blake , we here at HoustonTreeService.org/ just wanted to say hello. We have done business before with Blake and it was a great experience. Thank you for the work you provided us and look forward to future business.

  2. jose Says:

    Thanks Blake, your service is great.

  3. jose Says:

    Your service with customer care is great!

  4. Shanita Pruss Says:

    I’m impressed! After reading your post I can tell you are chuffed about your writing. If only I had your writing ability. I look forward to more updates and will be returning. Cheers!

  5. Blake Says:

    Thank you for the compliment and hope you enjoy the future updates. Glad to have the feedback!

  6. Blake Says:

    Thank you, we are happy to have AAA Tree Service as a member!

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