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Please help me get my cat out of this tree!  Have you ever run across this problem?  What do cat owners do about it?  What is the best way for a tree service to handle the situation?

The fire department used to handle calls regarding cats stuck  in trees, but due to the substantial costs associated with driving a truck out to the cat owners residence and using so many resources they are not able to help with these issues anymore.  If you call a fire department directly, they may be inclined to tell you to call a local tree service for help.
The problem with this situation is tree services are businesses and while they are often sympathetic with a cat owners situation, it also costs them substantial time and money to do so.  Most climbers  say they do not do any type of cat rescue because when they tell the cat owner they need to charge to come out there, the cat owner gets upset.  They end up either having to go out and loose money hoping for good referrals from the cat rescue or they risk the cat owner spreading bad word of mouth because they wanted to charge money.

It seems to be a difficult situation for cat owners to get resolved.  The end responsibility does need to lie in the hands of the cat owner and if you want to let Fluffy or Snowball play outside, you should probably be prepared to treat this just as any other vet bill you may encounter from a mischievous cat.