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My name is Blake Linnekin and I want to welcome you to the Disaster Contractor Blog. The (DCN) Disaster Contractor Network was formed to better respond to storms and natural disaster around the Country. is made up of  contractors who are qualified and properly equipped to deal with tree removal emergencies.  Our emergency tree removal request are handled differently than a regular non emergency call.  These request typically require contractors who are willing and able to get a crew together day or night and be on call.  Customers who have emergency tree removal needs are not able to wait for standard response times, therefore we created this network to care for the needs of these customers.  Each year gets hundreds of Emergency request all over the United States.  These request result from minor storms, to major ice storms and hurricanes.  Storms affect the entire US at times and trees fail for all types of reasons and circumstances.  In addition many of our DCN members are involved in large tree clean up and debris removal operations such as county, city, and government work.  These larger general contractors are in need of qualified sub-contractors who are willing to travel and  have the experience and equipment required.   This national network of pre-qualified contractors provides  a valuable resource to our DCN members.  Contractors who are members of the DCN  have submitted  an application and are  fully insured.  DCN contractors maintain a list of  available equipment and man power  in our database and up dated yearly.

There are two main purposes the DCN serves, first is to provide service to hundreds of Emergency request across the US, and second is to provide  a qualified network of subcontractors to our DCN members for completing large  government or commercial projects.  We have many emergency tree related websites such as,, and our main number 800-TREE-911.  This blog is an opportunity for members of our DCN network to stay informed regarding disaster contracting.  We will be updating it each month and talking about what’s going on in the disaster contracting community.  We will also use this to alert our members of any large projects that we hear about from time to time.  If you are not a member of the DCN and want to look into getting qualified you can call me the VP of Blake Linnekin directly.

Ryan Lombardo of LMGC who has been on the road himself  for 20years  has agreed to write this blog each month for the benefit of  all those in the Disaster Contracting  community.   Many of the LMGC family members and directors from the disaster division have funded most of from its start up to what it is now.  With out the support and funding of the LMGC Family, or DCN could never have been possible.  There was a substantial initial investment needed to build the technology, databases and infrastructure needed to support our 24 hour emergency call center and maintain all the data and automated processes it takes to provide emergency response.  The actual programming and support was all built over a 5 year period by our own IT people.  Now that we have started to take on contractors is able to pay its own way and I feel good about that and hope to be able to return our shareholders a profit in the future.  Now you know a little about DCN and how it came to be, and our vision for organizing and improving Disaster Recover and Response in the US.  LMGC and other large disaster contractors will be greatly benefited from a nationwide network of contractors.  In addition every DCN member will have at their disposal other DCN members should they find their self  in need of help due to a disasters or storms striking in their local area.

I will be working and assisting all or our DCN members in the future, our official DCN updates are at forum .  DCN members can find out much about DCN membership on the under the DCN section of the forum.  If you are a member or become a member you will have access to the private members area of the forum where you will receive updates from our 24hr Emergency Storm Center.  They will give you updates whenever  a major storms occur and let you know what information we are receiving from customers and other DCN members.  This  information can be very  helpful in  making decisions about mobilization.  Ryan will be writing this blog for the benefit of all in the Disaster Contracting community.  If you need any membership information or DCN related help please contact me Blake Linnekin as Ryan is only volunteering with this Disaster Contractor blog and isn’t a paid employee of

So lastly  Thanks  Ryan for lending your knowledge and experience to this blog and to all  our DCN members!

Blake Linnekin

(678) 245-1860


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