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It is quite common for people to experiment with tree related tasks on their own. However, once you try working on a tree, you will understand the amount of damage you have done. A mature tree tends to develop roots that are spread throughout the area. The tree actually feeds on the tiny roots at the edges of the spread. Any damage you do to the roots can damage the entire tree by cutting its food supply. If you accidentally do larger damage to tree limbs, it can result in the death of a tree.

So how can you replace a damaged mature tree? Trees as high as 10m or 30 ft can be moved and planted elsewhere but this is obviously not an easy job that an amateur can perform. For moving grown trees, you need some sort of assistance because mostly, the distance between the two locations is significant enough to make the task impossible for amateurs. For instance, there might be a tree planted near your garden and you have to move it to the other side of the house. In order to shift the implanted tree, you need large machinery for accessing the garden.

The ground and temperature need to be suitable for the specific species of tree that you are moving from one place to the other. The drainage and water tables also have to be suitable. Sometimes, it is easier to move a semi mature tree planted nearby but this is not always the case. There are many factors to be considered before you go pulling out trees and planting them in other places. You definitely cannot do the job without the help of a professional arborist who is qualified and has the knowledge of the complexities involved in such procedures.

These arborists usually work with professional tree removal and trimming services. When you plant a new tree, you need a professional for keeping an eye on it, so it gets the care and nourishment it requires. It is extremely frustrating to purchase valuable trees and plant them just to have them rot and die. In situations like these, you become helpless and need the advice of an expert.

Always remember that the cost of the tree is way more than the service you are paying for. Trees are life forms and it is your responsibility to take care of those that stand on your property.

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